The 6 formulas


As you practice, try to combine phrases with visualizations/images. This should help a lot to create the feeling of heaviness, warmth and relaxation.


Repeat each Formula 3 times for each arm and leg during the heaviness and warmth formula and six times for the heartbeat, breath , solarplexus and forehead (and neck)

After each formula say quietly to yourself: "I am calm and deeply relaxed."


1. Heaviness Formula "My arms and legs are heavy" --- Imagine that you are ten times heavier then normal.


2. Warmth Formula "My arms and legs are pleasently warm" ---  Imagine that you take a sun bath. Warm sun rays caress your body. Feel the warmth spreading through your arms into your hands and through your legs into the feet or imagine that you are taking a warm bath. If u can't create a feeling of warmth use as a an additonal help hot water battles, warm socks etc.


3. Heart Formula "My heartbeat is regular" (just feel your heartbeat and try to relax, otherwise your heartbeat will raise up)


4. Breathing Formula "My breathing is slow and regular" --- Imagine that your breathing is like a gentle breeze, which smooths the troubled sea.


5. Solar Plexus Formula "My Solar Plexus is warm and relaxed" --- Imagine that there´s a glowing sun in the center

of your body. Feel the energy and the warmth of the sun. Or that warm hands are lieing on your abdomen.


6. Cool Forehead Formula "My Forehead is pleasently cool and relaxed" ---  Imagine that a gentle cool breeze caresses your forehead/or a wet cooled towel is placed on it.


( 7. Neck Formula "My neck is warm and relaxed")


Although you should practice quietly this youtube audios can help you in the beginning. My own audios will be released in october 2018. Please remember to practice daily around 10-15 minutes in the beginning.